In local terms, God does not prevent earthquakes, volcanoes, or any other natural disasters.  We know that, more generally, God does not prevent supernovae from occurring in the universe.   Given these two facts why would we expect that he would prevent supernovae occurring in our own neighborhood of the universe.  Thus the potential exists that all human life will be wiped out before Jesus returns. This then gives us no reason to have any particular hope for the future.  Also re. the problem of evil. Earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. presumably are not supposed to occur before the fall of man because they cause natural evil to befall humans.  So they began as a consequence of humans’ sin, and there was no natural evil prior to this. Supernovae however, if accepted by Christians as part of the whole cycle of evolution of the universe that god put in motion, are an essential part of life in the universe as a whole (because this is how all but the lightest atomic elements are made. So they must have been occurring long before the fall and continue to occur now and into the future. But at the same time they can be a cause of catastrophic natural evil, wiping out civilizations (perhaps countless numbers of civilizations at a time) in their neighborhood when they occur, including our own if/when one occurs in our own neighborhood.


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