Apologetics Overview

Apologetics Overview

By the way:
Stuart needs to get over the idea that atheism is the mortal enemy of Christianity.  I think that there has been room for atheism and Christianity for a long time.  I think liberalism is the overwhelming problem, and that is coming as much from within Christianity as from atheism.  Being an atheist doesn’t oblige one to reject the overall value to the community of the 10 commandments.  Nor does being a modern Christian apparently oblige one to accept it.
Most big-name scientists like the Many-worlds hypothesis, but not to try to avoid the design argument as Stuart would suppose.  Instead as an explanation for Quantum Mechanics.

Introduction to Apologetics
Nothing of interest here.

Standing for Truth
Relativism – just a prelude to later discussion
Testing Materialism – just a prelude to later discussion
Cosmic Evidence
(A big chapter)
Argument from Contingency –
Premise 1 – maybe
Premise 2 – not plausible
Kalam – http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/theism/cosmological.html#kalam

Design Evidence
Fine-tuning argument.
See http://home.olemiss.edu/~namanson/Fine%20tuning%20argument.pdf

Intelligent Design – every argument is specious
The Atheistic argument from evolution – since I reject Premise 1 as not supportable, this argument is not worth discussing.
The Probabilistic  argument from evolution – Stuart gets really weird here in suggesting that the purpose of dinosaurs was to produce the fossil fuels that enabled efficient promulgation of the gospel from the time of modern transport.
The Tables Turn – not at all.  If evolution was as improbable as Stuart likes to think we wouldn’t see it proceeding at such a rapid pace as we see with the evolution of viruses, e.g. HIV, and bacterial resistance, etc.

Nothing of interest here.


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