Draft – my arguments by ridicule (but they’re the best!)

See elsewhere here for my argument I like the best – 95 billion in hell and 5 billion in heaven, or maybe 99 billion in hell and 1 billion in heaven.

Analogy – Lotto – what is the best option – to buy a weekly ticket or not?

I don’t  buy a lotto ticket every week.  In fact I hardly ever buy one.  Why?  Because the chance of winning is so low that I’m not interested in being one of the thousands who shell out small amounts of money every week (small, but which could be better used, and which adds up to good dollars over time) in the vain hope of becoming one of the 0.1% who suddenly become very rich by striking it lucky.

Others think it is worth spending that money regularly, because there is a slight chance of winning big, but for most of them it never pays off, and they are poorer as a result.

From my point of view, I would prefer to be able to spend my money now and enjoy it now, and end up in the very large club of eventual losers.  It can’t be a bad club to be in if everybody else is too.  Similarly, why would I want to spend a totally limiting life on earth, without the enjoyment of many things which most people expect they should be able to enjoy, just in the hope that I can be one of the very fortunate few in the afterlife?  I might as well enjoy the one life I have here and now, and be prepared to join the vast majority in hell in the next life if I’ve guessed wrong.   How bad can it be if everyone else is also in the same boat?




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