About these pages

My main interests currently, are:

keeping up with advances in science and technology,

our changing climate,

my pragmatic and primitive thoughts on philosophy/theology, which have led me to an atheistic position.

I’m not a militant atheist, in fact I’d say I’m a very laid-back one.I don’t say there is no (mainstream) god, but that there is probably none.  (There is the undeniable possibility that the deist’s position, that a god started the initial process of development of the universe, in motion, but showed no interest in it subsequently – it, however, seems unlikely.)  One of my interests is objective morality, which seems to me clearly to not exist, and I will be creating some pages with examples to show why I think that.  I also, think that Christians and atheists have managed to tolerate each other, by and large, for a very long time, and that they should be able to continue doing that.  Let’s just relaxedly discuss our viewpoints, because at the end of the day it may not be at all important.


I’m actually only doing this in case my descendants have some interest in my code of ethics, etc., and it seems a lot more permanent than just a few brief verbal discussions.


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