Number of people going to hell

An example of a rough estimate of the number of humans who have ever lived is about 100 billion.
Roughly speaking, about half of them, say 50 billion, lived before the year 1 AD.  Can we assume hardly any of those would have got to heaven? (Maybe a few Jews.)
Currently about 30% (and dropping) of the world’s population, consider themselves Christian, but I’m sure in this forum we can all agree that not many of those would be classified as born-again Christians.  Can we be really generous and say then that about 10% of the world’s population since 1 AD have been born-again?  Thus, when Jesus returns, if it’s in the not-too-distant future, about 5% of the 100 billion who have ever lived, i.e. 5 billion people, will be in heaven, and 95 billion in hell.


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