A better model for the universe

At last; this model for the universe makes sense!

A model which assumes that, as we already know, the universe is not homogeneous, i.e. it does not look the same in all directions, can explain why the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating, from our perspective, without the necessity of invoking dark matter. (see Ghost Busters, New scientist, 28 June, 2014)

So, why is one half of the CMB hotter than the other? The old theory that the Local Group of galaxies is moving towards the half of the sky that appears hotter (blue-shifted) (the heat being an illusion due to the Doppler effect) can be dispensed with, if David Wiltshire’s study hold up. His team’s analysis of movement of galaxies out to four times the distance of the “great attractor” show the Local Group is not moving. Instead, there is a greater density of matter in that direction, and a relative paucity of matter in the opposite direction, which gives the appearance of faster expansion in that direction. The heat and cold is then a real effect, hotter where the density is higher, and colder where lower.


Dark matter is an illusion.

The age of the universe is different at different places – it could be as much as 18.6 billion years in areas of lower density.  “Different at different places” is exactly the argument I’ve been making for some time, just on a smaller scale, i.e down to the level of the smallest particle, time runs at a slightly different rate for everything depending on the gravitational attraction it feels.

We can’t actually tell the overall curvature of the universe, so can’t predict its ultimate fate.


Fantastic, and another example of nothing being absolute – fits in with what seems obvious to me – that there is no objective morality.


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