Anselm’s argument

(Still have to fix Siri’s mistakes)

The monk who suggested that Anselm’s argument was false by the island analogy was on to something better than people realized.   It is wrong to think that he was wrong because an island can be created by some some greater being.   His analogy was referring to the set of all things, in this case the thing being an island if people say he was wrong because island that can be created they are you doing outside the realm of his argument if we start going down that track we end up doing that any creator must have it’s iwn creator and that creator has its creator ad infinitum within the set of islands I can justifiably imagine an island bigger than an existing Island

God could have an identical twin
To me the fine tuning argument is an argument against god not for him. God, being god, could make any life he wanted, any way he wanted, in any form he wanted, using any materials he wanted.  There’s no reason to think that these raw materials were necessary for god to create us, just that they were necessary for life to evolve entirely on its own

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