Possible scenario

Possible scenario
Yes, there is a God, who created the universe by way of the Big Bang, presumably.  From that point, we don’t know what involvement he had.  What we may be able to know, however, is that over the time of our recent history, let’s say the last 10,000 years, humans have ahd all sorts of ideas about god and gods.  Only one of these, at most, could be the real god.  Rather than the atheists’ concept, that there is no god, there is another alternative – that there is one true God, but he hasn’t seen fit to reveal himslef to us yet.  after all, it’s early days for human civilization – maybe in 50,000, or 100,000 years he will make himself known.
Maybe all the religions so far have come less from human ideas, than from one false god.  This false god, also created the entire deception that is christianity, casting himself as the benevolent god (untrue of coures – noah, abraham & his son, etc.)
One day, in the distant future, it may suit the real god, to reveal himself to humans, saying you were all deceived by this false god, couldn’t you have seen through the lies and deception.  Jesus was the son of the false God.  I have no son.  earth is may favorite place, everyone who was good to animals and did their best to protect the earth from the depredations of the fossil fuel barons, are the ones who I will bring back to life and who will live forever with me on earth which I now magically restore.

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